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The latest software release of the Mitchell 1 Manager SE auto shop management system includes new technician productivity tracking features that allow shops to automatically generate productivity statistics as their technicians clock in and out of labor operations and provides the option to track employee shift hours.

"Shops and technicians need to know the status of the work in-house, if certain jobs have been started and how much progress has been made, as well as how long it will take each technician to complete their work," Ben Johnson, director of product management, Mitchell Repair Information Co. L.L.C., said.

"The technicians and their managers can quickly ascertain 'clocked hours' against 'paid hours per job' to identify in real time how effectively that technician is utilizing their at-work hours.

"These new features help shops keep track of their labor margin, along with employee hours, to increase efficiency and profits."

The Technician Time Manager in Manager SE allows technicians to clock in and out of labor operations to track actual time spent for assigned jobs.

They start a job clock for a labor item, pausing it for breaks or lunch. When each labor item is finished, they mark that work as completed, Mitchell said.

The time stamps automatically populate the "Actual Hours" field for that labor operation in the Manager SE repair order. Managers and technicians can view "clock in" and "clock out" of jobs using a time management website via the Manager SE workstation PC, a smartphone, tablet or any other device on the shop's network via a web browser.

The labor time manager provides an overview of hours and efficiency for each technician.

Links are provided directly back to the repair order if more detail is required. If any clocked time exceeds pay hours, it is displayed in red, alerting technicians and managers to view it right away, Mitchell said.

Other features of the latest software release include:

• Employee Shift Clock: Shop employees can clock into their work shift and track their hours on their mobile device. If a time card change is made by a manager within Manager SE, the changes are displayed on the employee-facing time tracking website.

• Current Activity Screen: The dashboard allows owners and managers to confirm which employees are clocked in for their workday shift. Managers can review a list of technicians to verify current workloads, including jobs assigned and total clocked time for each so far. New program security settings for time clock functions ensure proper access and privileges for every role in the shop, the company said.

Manager SE shop management software is integrated with ProDemand, Mitchell 1's repair information system to help increase shop productivity.

Source : https://www.tirebusiness.com/service-zone/new-auto-shop-products-introduced-aapex

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